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Community Psychologist, Speaker, Professor, Sexual Activist

Dr. Hareder McDowell is a dedicated and passionate women who has researched, worked and served communities, corporations and educational arena’s to ensure that African-American female sexual empowerment and education remains at the forefront of all industries to ensure sexual equality, health and safety.
Hareder serves as an adjunct professor of Human Sexuality for National-Louis University, public speaker and civil servant within the Chicago land area. Her non-profit organization P.R.E.T.T.Y. INC. continues to serve as the only partner of Chicago Public Schools, whose baseline curriculum is specific to sexuality and sexual communication among girls and women of color.
With the intense sexual harassment climate in the United States and abroad Dr. McDowell continues to serve as a consultant, speaker and counselor to ensure that corporations, small businesses, organizations and outreach companies alike ;are aware of what sexual harassment, looks and sounds like; to begin to change the culture that has led to many of the misfortunes in the workplace and beyond.
As a community psychologist, Hareder is clear that research must continue to ensure that the under served and under represented will continue to be heard, and serviced. Dr. McDowell believes that sexual freedom, and sexual communication in all families and communities serve as a preventative method to many of the ill’s, abuses, mental and physical diseases effecting many of us.

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