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Sexual Harrasment

Preventative Professional Development

Many times the start of sexual harassment is inappropriate communication. Many companies and organizations use Dr. McDowell for professional developments and workshops to ensure that sexually inappropriate communication, social media communication as well as non-verbal communication, will not lead to extreme consequence. This offering is inclusive of current Illinois state law and common human resource violations, which lead to termination and in some cases legal ramifications. A professional development like this is preventative.

Keynote Speaking

Dr. McDowell offers forums and workshops for not only female mentoring groups within the inner city , social service agencies and schools, but to small groups of mother’s and guardians who are searching for answers and insight to communicate about sex with a generation that is staring their sexual endeavor’s earlier than ever.

Staff Training & Development

Many organizations that assist adolescents with sexual health and development have team members and employee’s that find the topic of sex to be challenging. The trainings that Dr. McDowell offers, unveil personal judgements and biases that leadership may need to dissect before moving into mentorship as it relates to sexual health. This training also provides resources for growth and development with human sexuality to enhance the knowledge and  self-efficacy of the team.

Non-Profit Services

P.R.E.T.T.Y. Inc is a vendor of Chicago Public  Schools offering several services for grades 6-12. Visit for more information.

Sexual Communication


For couples and mother & daughter pairs. Understanding how to communicate about sexual health, sexual desires and sexual preparations is difficult, because there is no “how to” guide as interactive, transparent and easy as what is offered by Dr. McDowell.



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