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Updated: Apr 3, 2022

So we have all had a few wild nights, that left fluid mixing with fluid, maybe earlier in the night you drank liquor and started the day with that dark coffee, then called that dark man over and did a few dark things. Well If your vagina is anything like mine, she is a bit sensitive and those additional habits can cause a bit of an odor. This odor is not quite reminiscent of bacterial vaginosis which is a bit on the large catfish side, but more so a “used” smell. I have to admit I’ve referenced the smell as ‘polish water”. I know I am not alone in these types of activities, nor the level of sensitivity these things cause.

A few years ago I began to use the PhD Feminine health, Boric acid suppositories. These little white inserts help to cleanse me internally before certain bacteria’s go a bit to far and grow into something more sinister like yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis. So when you hear about Boric acid, please don’t think about that stuff your grandma put down to kill mice, it is all about the dose. These are 600 MG only and that is the doctor recommended amount that is approved to be inserted, which is the same amount found in sea water. I am recommending these as a prevention method, but should your odor persist, you must contact your physician for accuracy regarding your health. Obviously, the only way to know if there is a change in your smell , is to ensure that you are smelling HER every day. All women should be able to advocate and speak to the day-to-day changes in her vaginal area. This knowledge is a life saver, as our partners as well as our physicians should always be informed before they assist, diagnose or perform. We should have a habit of looking at HER as well as touching and smelling HER as she is a gift and should be carefully monitored. I mean after all she is the giver of life, whether we decide to use HER for those purposes or not. Either way, this is my go-to insert for those festive occasions of over drinking, over-eating, over-working/sweating and over-sexing. Enjoy!

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