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Vitamins & HER

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

All women should have a daily vitamin regimen that increases as we grow in age and activity. The one thing that plagues us at some point during our lifetime as women, are urinary tract infections. These are some of the most irritating and borderline painful experiences of womanhood. This is not to say that these infections do not affect men, I just know my pain. If any woman has experienced this, they understand the pelvic and abdominal pain that can last all day, the frequent urination and the pressure that makes you feel as if you have to urinate all day long. The challenge in this, is that it is not soley based on your sexual activity, but your daily habits that challenge your urinary tract health. Some of us have daily bad habits that piss our tract off! These things include, coffee, caffeinated beverages, alcohol and acidic foods. Obviously, this isn’t something that can occur based on having these drinks every once and a while, but from a more consistent habit. If an infection occurs from sexual behavior it is usually because as women we sit or fall asleep after sex or orgasm and we do not go pee. Trust that I understand how difficult it can be to get out of the bed to pee, but the infection is worse, GO PEE! An infection can also occur if you are having anal sex and the fluid from your rectum creeps into your vaginal area. Although it may sound uncommon, E.Coli is often found in the urinary tract, and usually because you didn’t wipe front to back and less from the crazy anal I am speaking about. Obviously, shit happens, but I am confident that adding two (2) of these pills which equal about a glass of cranberry juice to your daily regimen you can help your urinary tract fight against your bad habits. Of course and as always and forever, drink plenty of water.

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