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See The Thing About Keeping HER Wet Is….

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

I use to think the very idea of having a “wet wet”, or what some would call a heavily lubricated vagina, was genetics. I absolutely thought I had the sauce. Then I turned thirty-five and realized that taking an additional probiotic daily, turned the liquid, into liquid gold. I started taking RePHresh probiotic in 2017 daily, along with my other vitamins and my vaginal lubrication increased substantially. Not only did this assist with my sex life, but that additional moisture served as a protective measure against dyes, harsh soaps or fabric softener’s that linger in my clothing, that even in cotton-seated underwear would still make its way to irritate HER and cause additional vaginal issues.

Beyond its helpfulness within my sexual experience, having a probiotic in my daily regime helps me maintain a positive PH, which is between 3.8-4.5, which is moderately acidic. (Note that you can track your own PH levels according to your age and speak with your physician regarding what your specific levels should be.) Maintaining a level PH with a daily probiotic prevents enhanced yeast, that can lead to an itchy situation as well as bacterial vaginosis, which leads to a smelly situation. Add these little white pills to your regime and begin to slip and slide wherever you please, and as always, take with plenty of water and take plenty of water, regardless, as lubricant lubricates.

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